URGENT: Immediate Action Required

Apologies for the urgency on this but there is no option.

You may or may not be aware that a planning application has gone in to NYCC to extract minerals from a field at the side of Roughley Bank/ Low Street.

The field forms part of the ‘Scruton Quarry’ proposals but this is a separate and firm planning application. Planning consultants have advised that where any such application arises on any part of the proposed quarry to which we have objected, we must oppose it. The danger is that individual fields will be the subject of such applications and each one that is approved makes the overall objective of a huge quarry easier to realise.

They have also advised that we must not dilute our arguments that we have put forward by saying ‘well that bit’s ok’

The purpose of this email is to ask members to submit their own individual objections by the deadline of 5pm Wednesday 23 April – i.e. next Wednesday!

I will set out below some bullet points you may want to include in your emails to the council but be aware that they take a dim view of ‘cut and paste’ objections and letters of objection that are ‘all your own work’ will carry more weight. Attached is an assessment of the application for you to use.

The application has been made by Leases Farming Limited the directors being Messrs. Keith, Andrew and James Stubbs of Penwell Farm, Little Fencote. The purpose of the application is to provide in fill material for the bank on which the bridge that will carry the new Bedale Relief Road (By-pass) will sit.

Full details can be found here along with the detailed comments of the applicants and the response and concerns of various government departments.

Objections should be sent to

Obviously the lives of the families living in the houses that are right beside this quarrying work will be made intolerable for the couple of years this work will take.

Key points for objections are:

Traffic – the entrance to the site will be along Low Street with vehicles coming out directly on to Low Street. The agents state there will be 100 – 150 vehicles per day exiting/entering the site. Low Street will be the primary access for villages to go to Bedale or A1 Northbound going up Roughley Bank and on to the new roundabouts – vehicles will also return on the route. Roughley Bank is the access road for all horse riders West of Low Street to access riding country. Low Street is also part of the National Cycle Route. Low Street particularly Roughley Corner floods every year. Add in an accident on the A1 and the traffic is diverted down Low Street. Combine all these factors and you have serious traffic issues. Vehicles avoiding this area will only be able to go through Scruton causing it’s own problems – solutions are offered in the attached document.

  • Noise – no assessment has been done by the agents so Highways have guessed that the current background noise is 50 decibels. Highways have stated that the max allowable is 55. The agents have stated that for 2months every year the noise levels will be 70. Full noise assessments should be undertaken before plans are submitted.
  • Cost/Ecology – The agents have majored on the Environmental benefits of this project. Our assessment questions the accuracy of this, as there are alternatives which seem to make far more sense. In particular the council say that sand and gravel isn’t required for this project. ‘Secondary material’ will do. Please see attached document for full explanation.
  • Dust – The agents have stated dust will be a problem but suggest that due to the prevailing winds only Hillcrest farm will be affected.
  • Health – The agents have stated that they have concerns over one family at Hillcrest Farm due to the wind carrying particulates. We fee the wind direction isn’t a constant. Can we be certain many other families will not be affected? In any event one family at risk is one too many.
  • Flood – Low Street is prone to flooding and experts feel this quarrying will increase the risk.

I hope you find this information useful and urge you to get your objections in on time.

Application number http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/planning NY/2013/0386/ENV

Email address planningcontrol@northyorks.gov.uk

2 thoughts on “URGENT: Immediate Action Required

  1. In reply to Richard Zealley

    As you state the works will take place only for a couple of years during the construction of the bedale bypass. The borrow pit (not quarry or mine as some people seem to think) will then terminate. The application is only for the construction of the bypass and nothing else as suggested. This is not “a foot in the door” approach as has also previously been suggested.

    You question the accuracy of the environmental benefits we have stated by using materials from our site.
    What are your reasons and what are YOUR alternatives as you do not seem to have stated them.

    The fact is the materials have to come from somewhere.

    I will tell you about the environmental benefits and help make it perfectly clear.

    The proposed site would involve lorries travelling on the public highway for 290 metres only. The alternative site would be Masham which is some 8 miles away. The minerals at Nosterfield and Scorton are of a far greater quality and price than is needed to construct earthworks for a bridge over the Wensleydale railway. Our minerals are the correct grade for this job.

    400 000 tonnes are required which will need to be hauled to the site. If the material came from the next nearest site which is Masham this would add anywhere between £3 to £5 per tonne on the extra haulage costs. That is £1.2 million to £2 million of tax payers money which could be used on other vital services within the county.

    Do you think the good people of bedale, aiskew and leeming bar want 20 000 lorry movements in one direction then 20 000 movements back again to fill up passing their homes?

    Also the residents of Scruton who use the A684 travelling to bedale or masham would encounter all these lorries (40 000 movements) as would anyone else travelling along the A684 and B6268.

    Our site is only 290 metres away which will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the bypass scheme than if the materials were sourced elsewhere.

    Lorries will use the low street road only and not roughley bank as you have suggested as the materials are needed either side of the railway line east of Leeming bar.

    I must point out that to date non of the residents in the properties near the roughley corner site have objected to our application and understand that it is only a temporary situation.

    On the 10th April 2014 I attended the Scruton annual parish meeting where we talked at great length about the proposed borrow pit. I asked all who attended if they had any objections to our planning application and there were NO objections. I then suggested the application was supported by the local community as there were clear benefits to residents in the area. There was no response either way to my suggestion.

    I have attended all the Aiskew and Leeming bar parish council meetings since last autumn and have discussed at length any matters arising with any residents who attended these meetings.

    The Aiskew and Leeming bar parish council support the application as they have had all the facts presented to them.

    I expect the residents of Bedale,aiskew and leeming bar will also support the proposed borrow pit once they too have the facts stated above presented to them.

    I hope you find this information useful too.
    James stubbs.

    • The facts have been clearly stated to Residents of Leeming Bar, Scruton, Kirkby Fleetham & Fencotes. All residents objecting fully understand the issues and have made educated and intelligent decisions when putting forward their objections. No one has been misled or misinformed. Every communication with residents has been backed up by facts stated on the NYCC website

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