Key Concerns

Noise and Dust – the predominant wind direction is west to east and has a wind strength of level 5 (7 being the highest – source Geospatial) over the area in question. This puts Scruton village in direct line.  If the woodland on this site is removed the effect of windblown discharge would increase enormously.

Access to Kirkby Fleetham & Fencotes – There are serious concerns over traffic and safety to these villages.

Habitat – Woodland and watercourse would completely disappear

Agricultural Land – Top grade agricultural land used for food production would be lost.  No plans have been put forward as to what will happen with this area once quarrying has finished.  NYCC state in their reports that the land cannot be returned to agricultural use.

Wensleydale Railway – A lot of time, money and effort has gone into this project to attract tourist to the area.  It would be blighted if it’s first stretch had to run adjacent to the quarry.  Would customers stop at Leeming Bar and use the businesses there if it’s next to a quarry?

Recreational – the lanes around this area are used a lot by walkers, cyclists and horse riders – how pleasant and safe would it be?

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