How Do I Object

If you think that this area of beautiful countryside should be saved from complete destruction please write to:-

Joint Minerals and Waste Plan
Planning Services
North Yorkshire County Council
County Hall


4 thoughts on “How Do I Object

  1. As a local farmer having lived and worked for 50 years,approx 1500m away from the proposed site I would like to share my concerns regarding the water table.
    The geology of my farmland is different to that of the proposed site in that I only have 100 to 1200mm of sand above the underlying clay subsoil.When ever I have excavated the sand for drainage or building purposes the resulting hole always fills with ground water. My concern is that a large 10 to 30m or more? deep hole would draw ground water from the surrounding area. How far would this draw from? what effect would this have on the underlying clay subsoil? would this dry and crack causing subsidence?
    I am sure that residents of Scruton must be aware that foundations onto clay soils have the highest incidence of cracking/movement when they become wet/dry. I hope I haven’t been too alarmist..

  2. Having visited Scruton for the past 30 years I was appalled to learn of this application to desecrate the countryside around Scruton & the surrounding countryside.The environmental cost will be far too high & the long term harm will
    be long lasting & irreversible.I fully support any opposition to this development and I send my sympathy to the residents having to undergo this trauma.

  3. Fighting a quarry myself I feel for everyone involved in this fight. I would however recommend one thing which will help this fight immensely, which has now been responsible for rejections on three quarry applications recently. Lobby the local NHS and Public Health for a HIA (Health Impact Assessment). This is a very detailed analysis of the proposal and how it will impact the health and wellbeing on a large radius locally. Dust Dust Dust. It is NOT just a nuisance, it is a huge health risk. What you see is 10% of the dust, the other 90% is so small you cannot see it, but, it gets in your lungs and CANNOT be expelled. Quarry dust, especially sand which contains Crystalline Silica, is HIGHLY dangerous. Google “Crystalline Silica”, then contact your NHS and Public Health department for a HIA. Quarries have long since got away with dust as an issue based on a lack of knowledge, more is known today on the health risks by the EU, WHO, DEFRA….It IS a strong weapon to fight with……..

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