Supply and Demand for Sand & Gravel

Section 5.18 [p49] it is noted that the Local Aggregate Assessment [LAA] suggests a need for 43.7 million tons [mt] of sand and gravel in the period p to 2030, with a shortfall of 27.5 mt when production from existing workings is taken into account. This reduces to a shortfall of c.23 mt when recent planning permissions are deducted.

Twenty four further sand and gravel reserve sites are put forward by various mineral companies; country estates and farmers or groups of farmers. [pp 238-214] The total estimated potential reserves, some precise, others very vague on the 24 sites amount to c.65mt. [On two sites no estimates are given.] Of the 24 sites eleven are put forward by established mineral recovery companies. [Five on behalf of Lafarge-Tarmac plc.] The estimated reserves from these sites amounts to 38.3mt.

Information available in the Report suggests that all the commercial mineral extraction companies making proposals [Lafarge-Tarmac; Hanson plc; Aggregate Industries plc; FCC Environment; Cemex UK Ltd and Plasmor Ltd.] are already operating in North Yorkshire. In a number of instances it is a case of extending existing quarries [Long Lane, Well; Oaklands,Well; Bridge Farm, Catterick; Ripon Quarry; Marfield Quarry; Mill Balk, Heck] or new quarries very near to existing workings [Killerby; South Catterick]. In several cases there is some precision given to the estimated reserves [Oaklands,Well; Killerby] : In others there are comments on or mention of plans for post extraction restoration. [Ripon Quarry; Marfield Quarry; Kirkby Fleetham;Bridge Farm. Catterick;Mill Balk Quarry, Heck]

Of the thirteen proposals not made by recognised mineral extraction companies, only one [Great Givendale, Ripon on behalf of Newby Hall Estates] states that it is an extension to existing workings and refers to post extraction restoration .It can be inferred that all the others, including the Scruton proposal, are speculative, of less substance and are on new virgin agricultural land.

In Section 3.5 [p33] it is noted that land bank reserves of and gravel should be located outside of National Parks and AONBs.  CPRE approves this objective. At the same time CPRE is opposed to development of ‘greenfield’ sites outside those areas, where sufficient provision can be met from extensions to existing ‘brownfield’ workings. In Objective 9 [p41] the NYCC commits to developing policies to ‘protect, conserve and where possible enhance’ the environment in the Joint Plan area. In this context it is felt that the NYCC should only ‘brownfield’ proposals to go forward to the second stage consultation.


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