It has recently come to light that an area west of Scruton (approx. 195 hectares) has been put forward to North Yorkshire County Council for consideration to quarry sand and gravel on the site.

It is stressed it is in everyone’s interests to register their comments on the Consultation proposals – which is effectively whether you support or oppose the council’s policy objectives.  The deadline is 5 p.m. on 15th January 2016.

There is a proforma which can be completed on-line or downloaded and posted in to NYCC, although we are advised verbally that anyone can also write in or use the free text ‘additional comments’ at the bottom of the form but that all communication must bear the MJP43 reference and must be submitted before the closing date to be considered. Preferably, comments will be supported by Chapter, page and policy numbers in order to ensure that they are considered. See www.northyorks.gov.uk/mwconsult to obtain your copy and read the whole documents.

The site stretches from the A1 across to Ham Hall Lane Scruton then from Fencedyke Lane to nearly the A684 (see site plan).  It incorporates prime agricultural land currently used for food production, bridlepath, woodland & water courses.

We have been advised that there have been some changes in the land being put forward in the call for sites. See here for details and a map.

The estimated mineral reserve is now 2-3m tonnes with a timescale potentially running until 2030.


digger at work in quarry

Scruton Quarry Action Group has been set up by concerned local residents to oppose any progress towards this project operating. To join us, please email: scrutonquarryactiongroup@gmail.com.

This is not part of the Bedale bypass project or the A1 widening project. It is completely separate project for mineral extraction.

If you are on Twitter, please follow @ScrutonQuarryAG and tweet your comments and objections using #scrutonquarry.

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  1. I would like to support you and join the action group.

    Please add me to your email circulation.

    In addition, the Parish Council also supports opposition to the mineral extraction proposals in Scruton and you may use the SPC newsletter to post updates.


  2. Living in Richmond we have always enjoyed trips out to the Coore Arms at Scruton and I am appalled to hear of these plans to allow a quarry to blight the area.

    Were this to go ahead I would think twice about visiting this lovely part of the country and think that this would be the opinion of a lot of people from this area. This will have such a negative impact on the local community.

  3. With all the disruption that our business has suffered in the last few years and years to come with the A1m upgrade , proposed Bedale bypass ,and ever increasing size of the industrial estate, and traffic associated with this ,adding a large quarrying project in a rural area with no thought for the people who have to live with it day in day out is unacceptable .This proposal should be rejected!

  4. I’d like to say that I agree with the comments already made and would like to add my support to the NO campaign.
    Scruton is a quiet, peaceful village with an enviable quality of life that would be seriously threatened by this unnecessary development.
    The response from Gary Hughes, spokesman for Hughes Craven the consultant firm commissioned by the local landowners and published in the Northern Echo, does nothing in my opinion to allay community concerns.
    I’ll be commenting further to NYCC as advised before the 11th April http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/26220/Site-and-area-assessment

  5. As a Scruton resident I will support the action group. It should be obvious to everybody, that this proposal has as much to do with using the land as a landfill site for waste when quarrying is complete. In this instance I am proud to be a NIMBY !!

  6. Fully agree with all posts above; this idea is madness for the environment and both residential & business communities. Have just sent email objection to council!

  7. We support the action group and would like to join you in your protest against this potential development which would totally blight the area.

    Please add us to your mailing list.

    Ian and Jean Milner

  8. Prior to moving to Scruton in 2009 we resided in Scorton near Richmond, a village heavily quarried. The damage to the landscape and primarily the wild life was and is still continuing with ongoing quarrying.
    Not to mention the addition now of a landfill site placed within one of the quarried sites.
    This is an unacceptable proposal and the County Council should not allow another beautiful rural village to become blighted by the major impact that this mineral extraction will cause.

  9. I would like to add my support to the Scruton Quarry Action Group.
    The expansion of the Leeming Industrial Estate has already given rise to noise and light pollution and this quarry proposal is devastating for everyone in the surrounding area. We have sufficient quarry sites around the Bedale and Leyburn area and do not need anymore.
    This is not “nimbyism” it is protecting the wildlife we see here and the beauty of the environment we live in which is for us and visitors to the area. People come to Scruton in particular, to walk around the village and enjoy the hospitality of the Coore Arms – why on earth would you want to do that surrounded by dust and quarry wagons!
    This is becoming an area not to be attracted into, but to avoid at all costs. Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council are completely destroying this area, not only for people who live here, but for people who visit from other parts of North Yorkshire and for tourists, who all provide local businesses with much needed income.

  10. I was horrified to hear about the quarry proposal. Living in Great Fencote I regularly walk my dog along the quiet country lanes around Scruton. To be faced with quarry wagons loaded with gravel makes the prospect horrendous. There is plenty of gravel extraction already in this area and I can see no justification beyond commercial greed to allow good agricultural land to be so brutally abused.

  11. I fully support the Action Group and will assist anyway that I can to stop this mistaken proposal. Scruton means a lot to me and this proposed quarry will be a blight on the village and surrounding area.

  12. As a regular visitor to Scruton I was saddened to hear this news. It will be terrible for the village and the surrounding area. I would be interested to know how this will effect the Wensleydale Railway. I sincerely hope the Council does not let this scheme go ahead.

  13. I am in full support of the action to prevent quarrying in Scruton. The ‘assessment of the proposal’ page on this site sets out a very reasoned logic. The amount of resources that are required over the next 30 years could reasonably be taken from existing sites without the need to desecrate additional amounts of prime agricultural land, wildlife and community.

  14. Well what else can one say but NO NO NO. As said in previous comments there are more than plenty of proposed sites within the North Yorkshire area , SO, is this site really viable or necessary. The only people that will benefit from this scheme are the Landowners.

  15. As residents of Scruton we object to this attack on the countryside which is so very close to the village.
    We would like to join the action group and help in any way possible.
    Mr Robert Latter has written an excellent response (as one would expect0 on behalf of CPRE Hambleton Branch which I would like to make available to all but unfortunately do not have the technology to put it on this site,yet.

  16. We entirely support the action group and have sent our objecions to the quarrying proposal to NYCC.
    We wish to join the action group, and be put on the mailing list.

  17. I cannot see how inclusion of this site in the NYCC Minerals Plan can possibly be appropriate. Far too many residential properties border the site. Far too many residential properties would overlook the site.Following the felling of the remaining woodland, our village amenities such as playing field, cricket pitch, tennis court, and allotments, not to mention the terrace of our excellent pub, would, like the residential properties, be subject to increased wind speeds and the resulting noise and dust pollution. And the road system would not be able to cope. As already said NO! NO! NO!

  18. We wish to support the action group and would like to be included on the mailing list. We do not understand how just a handful of people could even contemplate the destruction of a peaceful and friendly village, as well as damage to the environment and wildlife.

  19. I fully support the no campaign. Living in Leeming Bar the only good thing left, it seems, is the wonderful view across the Vale of Mowbray to Scruton.
    Leeming Bar has certainly had enough development. This project has GOT to be stopped!

  20. A BIG NO to the proposed quarry. I wish to join the Scruton Quarry Action Group and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that this quarry does not go ahead. We already put up with the noise of low flying jets, so do not need more noise pollution, dust and traffic, not to mention that it will totally spoil this beautiful village and the surrounding area.

  21. Letter of strong objection written and sent to NYCC. Please keep me updated, and let me know what I can do to help stop this proposal which it seems would be right on my doorstep.

  22. As Scruton residents, we are opposed to the proposed quarry on our doorstep and the associated adverse implications for the village should this travesty go ahead, both short/long term.
    We agree with the comments already made, just adding, we use the lanes for cycling and walking due to there relative safety, having lost one good route ( Roughly Corner to Aiskew), due to the A1 improvements, we look set to lose a great deal more, “crush it”.

  23. I do not reside in the area but I am a very regular visitor from the South. I discovered this wonderful part of England a few years ago and often visit with my children and their grandmother for holidays and short breaks.
    Why do we come here? Well it’s simply a charming place with such friendly people, wonderful walks and beautiful wildlife. It provides a convenient base for access to the other parts of Yorkshire we regularly enjoy. It also let’s us visit one of our favourite pubs The Coore Arms
    So to hear of this proposal not only saddens me but also makes me quite angry! I have noticed over the last two years the expansion of Leeming and with it the noise and light pollution that seems to have crept in without challenge. Now it seems that there will be further disruption with large plant vehicles, extra traffic, pollution and dirt, something I have witnessed myself due to quarrying in the Sipson area close to where I lived.
    It really does raise the question as to what are the real benefits of such proposals. Local businesses and residents will suffer tremendously, wildlife disturbed, even destroyed, and trade through tourism damaged. What about the great work that’s been done with the Wenslydale Railway?
    The development of Leeming, proposed Bedale By Pass and now this will sadly impact upon my visits to this area and I will now seriously consider staying at a different venue.
    As an outsider who feels very much at home here I wish you good luck and hope that common sense prevails. I have very little faith in local councils, always being very suspicious of those who apparently represent the people.
    I really do hope that I can continue to stop and enjoy my goodbye views across the Vale of Mowbray to Scruton before joining the A1.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to post this – it really does highlight how many people outside the area appreciate being able to use this area. As this is part of the national cycle path I wonder how many other people are attracted here from outside the area.

  24. Is the proposed quarry in effect an open cast mine? Should we be seeking to involve the surrounding areas of population as they will also be in the air pollution plume?

  25. It is absolutely unbelievable that this development could even be contemplated.The area is so close to a residential village that all of us living here will be subjected to -and we are not being dramatic here-the most harmful and terrifying airborne dust.
    ‘ Free crystaline sillica is the most abundant compound in the earth’s crust and is dispersed by wind vehicular traffic and earth moving machinery..Exposure to this dust can cause sillicosis a typical pneumoconiosis that develops insidiously after years of exposure. Exceptionally high exposure can cause acute or accelerated silicosis within months with significant impairment or death occurring within a few years. Exposure to silica is also associated with an increased risk of tuberculosis, lung cancer and of some autoimmune diseases, including scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Freshly fractured silica dust appears to be more reactive and more hazardous than old or stale dust. This may be a consequence of a relatively higher surface charge on freshly formed particles.he most common processes that produce respirable silica dust in mining and quarrying are drilling, blasting and cutting silica-containing rock. Most holes drilled for blasting are done with an air powered percussion drill mounted on a tractor crawler. The hole is made with a combination of rotation, impact and thrust of the drill bit. As the hole deepens, steel drill rods are added to connect the drill bit to the power source. Air not only powers the drilling, it also blows the chips and dust out of the hole which, if uncontrolled, injects large amounts of dust into the environment.’
    We have lifted this information from the Internet as we were previouslly totally unaware of the health issues connected with quarrying and thought possibily most of our fellow villagers did not realise the danger either. We must all fight this development for the sake of ourselves ,our children and grandchildren for whom it would no longer be a safe environment. Please send your letter of objection before the deadline.

  26. We certainly oppose this project and offer our support in any way needed, please keep us posted to any developments.

  27. I support the action group against the proposed quarry at Scruton. As an owner of land, that adjoins the proposed quarry site,I object to the proposed site of a quarry as this will spoil the surrounding countryside,causing adverse environmental effects,

  28. We moved to this beautiful village, filled with wonderful people and surrounded by the magnificent countryside of North Yorkshire, to plan for a long and restful retirement.
    All that will be gone if this proposal is allowed. There is no apparent justification for the destruction of further countryside and wildlife habitats over and above that which has taken place locally. Why should the village of Scruton and all the other residential properties surrounding this proposal lose out on the fantastic amenity this countryside provides simply to line the pockets of the landowners who seem to have spotted a great money making venture that offers a better return than farming this land.
    People of Scruton, this village has been around since before the Doomesday Book let’s band together and ensure it lasts as long again!
    NO, NO, NO to the quarry plans!

    Please add us to the mailing list, we are fully behind the Action Group.

  29. Application Number: NY/2013/0386/ENV Location: Land north of Roughley Bank, Leeming Bar Proposal:Proposed Borrow Pit
    You should be aware if not already that the above application (due for target delegated decision on 2 April 2014) relates to part of site MJP43 in the mineral plan. It would be logical for the action group to take a consistant view on this application as well as the mineral plan site if not already done. While it relates to the Bedale bypass the phrase “foot in the door” comes to mind.

  30. Betty and I support all the comments made by the action group and wish to be kept informed of any developments. Such a huge project would be a blight on the countryside and have a negative impact on a unique village community.
    We sense that the scars left should the project go ahead would never heal and that disfiguring would be crushing.
    This cannot be allowed!!!!

  31. Absolutely appalling and how could these farmers sell out to such a scheme. A complete lack of care in about the environment.
    Count us in.

  32. We do not live in Scruton but we live in the neighbourhood (Yafforth), we think this proposed ( although it would seem it is pretty much already decided!! ) quarry is beyond belief – as several others have pointed out it borders many residential properties and even surrounds some! Any one who has ever lived near a quarry will know that the noise dust traffic and devastation to the local countryside is massive. Surely any council worth its weight would not look at this and say ” oh yeah great idea lets wreck what little bit of country side there is left near Leeming Bar and while we are at it lets blight the village of Scruton too! ” wonder how many councillors actually live in the Leeming Bar /Scruton area?! But worse still is the local land owners who have obviously been in talks about this for some time yet have chosen to keep it quite from their neighbours! Just goes to show when the chips are down money talks!! Disgusting.

  33. We strongly object to the proposals to extract sand and gravel in the area of Scruton and Leeming bar for the following reasons.
    1) Loss of prime agricultural land
    2)Loss of woodland hedgerows and water courses
    3) the impact on residents from noise, Ariel and air pollution from mineral extraction as well as the affects on the local water table
    4) increase in heavy plant and haulage vehicles without supporting infrastructure it make the proposed bypass redundant
    5) lack of EIA, SEA, residential house valuation and business impact assessment as well as the impact on the quality of life. This maybe to early in the process but I would expect to see an impact strategy outline on how this would be addressed.
    6) Fore most is the exit strategy once the quarry is exhausted if this goes ahead I dare not suggest it would make an all too convenient landfill site but a wetland site for wildlife is not likely as it would increase the risk of bird strike for our RAF air base.

  34. Since moving to Leeming Bar in 2010 we have had so many disruptive industrial impacts in the area causing noise levels to rise, dust, heavy traffic and unsociable hours of the local factories affecting our lives.
    Another heavy industry such as this is most unwelcome and should not be allowed to proceed.

  35. As Scruton residents we strongly oppose the application to destroy the surrounding countryside and as a member of the playing field committee we are trying to develop the playing field to make this a perfect village to live and bring up your family .A quarry would turn this village into a dusty,noisy environment surrounded by busy and dangerous roads which would not be much fun for young and old to walk,cycle or even drive on.

  36. I grew up in Scruton and although I no longer live here, I often return to visit my parents for lenghty periods of time. As soon as I was informed of the plans for the extraction of sand and minerals from land around Scruton, I was was appalled. I have always considered that I was incredibly lucky to have moved here when I was younger and I have very fond memories of the adventures we had as we were able to explore the countryside right on our doorstep. If these plans get the go-ahead, this beautiful countryside and its wildlife will be destroyed and I fear that this will have a significant impact on the quality of life for everybody in our village. I, along with my parents, therefore whole-heartedly offer our support to this action group.

  37. As a resident in Scruton for over seven years, I fully support the Scruton Quarry Action Group. Our home looks west across the proposed site of the ambitious 195 – hectare quarry, which I consider to be extremely valuable countryside not only for the farming aspect but also the preservation of such stunning rural scenery as well.

    Given that work has already commenced in widening the A1 and the Bedale bypass has been granted, the Quarry proposal is most definitely one step too far and cannot be allowed to go ahead. There are many quarries in North Yorkshire, some are appropriately placed however this one is not.

    Scruton is a lovely rural village with a fantastic community where people are very proud to live. It would be a travesty if this ridiculous proposal was approved.

  38. As a resident of Low Street, Leeming Bar I agree with all of the above comments . There are more appropriate sites in North Yorkshire without desecrating more. I fully support the Action Group .

  39. I object to the proposed quarry at Scruton and have sent a letter of objection to NYCC. I fully support Scruton Quarry Action Group.

  40. We would like to indicate our support for the group.
    I have looked at the rest of the proposals being considered by NYCC, and there are a further 18 applications to extract sand and gravel, together with 7 more for specific types of sand. The Scruton proposal is notable for its lack of detail and I would question the competence of an applicant who is unable to specify the rate of extraction. Many of the other applicants are experienced quarry developers and their applications provide important additional detail regarding the intended rate of extraction.

  41. We also support the group and will register objections to quarrying in the Scruton area. This proposal impacts all the villages in the area and will blight us all if it is allowed. To destroy these areas of good productive farmland would be criminal. I walk my dogs on these roads every morning and the traffic hazards from hundreds of lorries on these small country roads would be totally unacceptable.

  42. As a new resident to Scruton I give my full support to the Action Group. To even contemplate destroying such a beautiful and tranquil village is beyond comprehension.

  43. We fully support the action group and will also lodge objections to the quarry proposal through the appropriate channels. We moved to Scruton because of the location, surrounding areas and fantastic community spirit, all of this is under threat from this quarry application and must be vigorously fought against to ensure our village remains as is for generations to come.

  44. We cannot express how strongly we object to the proposal to consider quarrying land adjoining
    Scruton & Leeming Bar.
    It is inconceivable to think that NYCC would back such a proposal which would desecrate yet more prime agricultural land in the area & subject local residents to the potentially life threatening effects of dust pollution which has been much covered in the national news recently.
    We fully support Scruton Quarry Action Group in its opposition of any such development.

  45. I also fully support this group and have also sent a letter to NYCC. Happy to support the group in whichever way I can, we must all stick together and stop this from going ahead

  46. Anything I can do to help, please let me know. I hate the idea of such a beautiful area being blighted by a quarry!

  47. I fully support this action group and agree with others that this would spoil our beautiful countryside permanently and must not go ahead!
    Anything I can do to help please let me know.

  48. The area in question is on the corner of Todd lane and low street just outside great fencote. We did not know anything about it till last week when they started doing sampling. We have only lived here 2 years and are now considering moving.

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